•   A master-planned, state-of-the-art, lifestyle business and industrial park featuring 80 acres near the Weber River.

•   51 acres are available for purchase or lease in 1-acre to 5-acre parcels.

•   Current tenants include ENVE Composites, which is building a new 70,000 sf facility, and Selle Royal/Crank Brothers. 

•  Truck traffic will be separated from bike/pedestrian traffic by an internal circulator road. Bike/pedestrian traffic will have access to a Promenade that will encircle the site and connect to the area’s existing network of trails.

•   A public easement will be established along the Promenade and community members will be encouraged to visit the site, learn about the history of the stockyards, and access the Weber River and adjacent open space.

•  Historic site elements will be preserved and incorporated into the final design, such as sections of stamped concrete, watering troughs, and loading platforms. Interpretive signage will be placed along the Promenade and within the site to inform the public.

•  The historic Exchange Building will be a centerpiece of the business park and a connection to the rich history of the stockyards. It will be fully restored to house about 50 offices and a small café. The grand lobby will be a public space with exhibits on the stockyards’ history.

•  Plans are currently underway to restore the Weber River with access points, riparian zone enhancements, bank stabilization, etc. Open space along the south side of the river will be preserved and open to public use.

•  Upgrades to Exchange Road will include a widened pavement surface, curb/gutter, street lighting, sidewalk, and landscaping.

• The site will offer all upgraded utilities, including power, water, gas, fiber, sewer, and storm drain.